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RedBean is free, BSD licensed, open-source object-relational mapping software written by Gabor de Mooij. It currently only supports PHP. Although it can be used as a stand-alone library there ia also an integrated edition available for the Zend Framework.



RedBean is different from other ORM layers because it requires no configuration in XML,YAML or JSON but it designs a database schema on its own by analyzing the PHP code, this is sometimes called Virtual ORM (ORM without mappings). This is possible because of Reflection functionality built into PHP. RedBean not only creates a database on the fly it also monitors performance, handles transactions and it automatically prevents race conditions.


While RedBean has been cited as being an Ultra RAD tool there has been some criticism. People who want ultimate control of their database schema should not use RedBean. Also Redbean may hamper performance because of its complex locking system.


Not much is known about RedBean's history, due to lack of information on the website. The main author of RedBean is Gabor de Mooij an ICT specialist from the Netherlands.

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