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File:Reegle logo.jpg
Commercial? no
Type of site Search Engine
Registration optional
Available language(s) English
Owner REEEP & REN21
Created by Services
Launched Oktober, 2005[1]
Revenue non profit
Current status active

reegle is an internet search engine specifically covering the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. It was originally developed in 2005 by REEEP and REN21 as a public resource, with funding from the governments of[2] :

The site was substantially revised in April 2009 to be more user-friendly.


The reegle website

reegle (with a lower-case r) is a search engine specifically covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change issues. It was conceived as a public resource for governments, project developers, banks and finance institutions, NGOs, and international organisations as well as the general public.

In addition to its search function, the site has a news feed provided courtesy of EnviroFinland, a blog, a green glossary of terms and event listings.

It has three main search components.

web search

The central function of the site is a web search, which offers a "mind map" based search refinement function.

map search

The user can click on a map of the world and get information on renewable energy and energy efficiency in that specific country, including relevant government ministries, private companies, country energy statistics, and a sampling of clean energy development projects in that specific area.


reegle has a large directory of organisations involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency. It contains information and links to over 1300[3] governmental ministries, companies and other green organisations, cross-referenced by geographical area and subject matter.


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