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Type Private Start-Up
Founded April, 2009
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Key people Arjun Dev Arora
Industry Online Advertising
Products ReTargeting

ReTargeter is based in San Francisco and was founded by Arjun Dev Arora. ReTargeter provides site based retargeting solutions for small to medium sized businesses (showing a site’s ads exclusively to the sites visitors after they have left the site). It is one of the first self-serve ad networks for internet site based behavioral retargeting, allowing small and medium sized businesses access to this technology.



ReTargeter recently co-sponsored TechCrunch's August Capital party in Menlo Park, California.[1].

History and Services

Arjun Dev Arora, after having worked for Yahoo! Real Estate, founded ReTargeter in April 2009.

ReTargeter provides a key online marketing service. By focusing on retaining customers, ReTargeter attempts to increase conversion rates for websites.[2]. ReTargeter targets users once they have browsed through a specific site.[3]. Then ReTargeter reminds that user of the products/services sold by the aforementioned site through various sized banner ads on thousands of sites, as the user continues to surf the web.[4].


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