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Revcube Media, Inc.
Type Corporation
Founded United States (2005)
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Key people Chris Raniere, founder
Industry Digital Marketing
Website Revcube

Revcube is a marketing software provider launched in 2005. Revcube provides tools to automate and increase the relevance of online marketing. In the past, online marketing campaigns have been managed by people and by spreadsheets, which is labor intensive, inefficient and difficult to scale. Revcube uses software to automate the entire process and then to improve the effectiveness of campaigns in real-time across all online marketing channels, including email, banner ads and search engine marketing.[1]

Traditionally, digital marketing campaigns were split into channel-specific silos. Marketing spend was often arbitrarily spread across available channels, and any optimization that took place was inherently restricted to one channel. The marketer was left with the unenviable task of integrating often incompatible reports and trying to figure out common metrics to apply to the campaign as a whole. Assimilating reports from various channels into a coherent view of the campaign was not only inherently difficult, it was also resource intensive. Because of these hurdles, the effect of changes made to a channel or channels would not be visible to the marketing team for some time.

Revcube views the campaign across all digital marketing channels. Automated analyses take place at each stage of the marketing process, from budget allocation across channels, to placement optimization, through to creative & landing page optimization. The system is able to make decisions in timescales impossible with past digital marketing processes. In addition, Revcube's platform generates actionable reports for the client on an ongoing basis. Finally, the Revcube platform is able to adapt in near real time to the attributes of each individual consumer and thus maximize the potential impact of an advertisement.

Because Revcube both automates historically resource-intensive tasks as well as optimizes across multiple channels, its approach is viewed as the future of digital marketing. [2] Revcube was named a winner in 2007's AlwaysOn Media 100, a list of the leading private companies revolutionizing marketing. [3]


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