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Developer(s) DesignRobots</td></tr>
Stable release 1.2 / June 18, 2009; 147197929 ago</td></tr>
Preview release 1.2.1</td></tr>
Operating system Cross-platform</td></tr>
Platform PHP</td></tr>
Development status Active</td></tr>
License GNU General Public License version 2</td></tr>


RoboGallery is WordPress plugin intended for photo galleries creating. Starting from July 1, 2009 it is available for free. [1]. Last version of RoboGallery was released on June 18, 2009.



RoboGallery plugin allows uploading pictures on web server without using third-party ftp clients and create photo gallery directly in a blog post through user interface. The gallery can have main picture of needed size which can be cut through special tool on one of four stages of photo gallery creating. The rest of thumbnails can be available on main page of the blog as well as under link on a separate page. Displaying each image on a separate page having custom template is also supported. All WordPress functions are available on these pages such as navigation or headers. User can set up a watermark to be displayed on each picture of the gallery, define default pictures sizes and apply CSS styles to the gallery. Also SEO functions like alt-tags indicating and bunch or single picture names plying are supported by the photo gallery software. Plug-in is available with a click on special button in WordPress WYSIWYG editor appearing after plug-in installation.


Plugin installation is being performed in four steps:
1. Downloading the plugin package from official site of RoboGallery
2. Extracting software package
3. Uploading plugin folder RoboGallery on a web server to /wp-content/plugins/ folder
4. Plugin activation through WordPress admin panel

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