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Rodovid is a free online collaborative family tree portal. Originally a Ukrainian project, as of August 2009 it has active communities in over 19 languages.[1] It provides a web service built using MediaWiki and its own Rodovid Engine software to help store and visualize family relationships.[2]


About the project

Rodovid was founded in September 2005 by a group of developers and genealogy enthusiasts in Kiev, Ukraine.[3] The name Rodovid comes from the Ukrainian word Rodovid, meaning "lineage" or "genealogy". As of July 2009, Rodovid had over 320,000 total records for individuals and families across all languages, including 65,000 in each of English and Russian.[4][5] [6]

The Rodovid project's data and descriptions are stored on servers in Kiev, and available under the Creative Commons Attribution license where not already in the public domain. It has experimented with supporting imports of GEDCOM files. The Rodovid Engine software is currently proprietary. As of 2008, it supported page layouts of family trees optimised for browsing and for printing, and could generate trees of thousands of people in seconds.[7]



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