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Developer(s) Evan Phoenix
Preview release 1.0.0RC1 / November 26, 2009; 133213016 ago
Written in C++ and Ruby
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Ruby programming language interpreter
License BSD license

Rubinius is an alternative Ruby implementation created by Evan Phoenix. Based loosely on the Smalltalk-80 Blue Book design,[1] Rubinius seeks to "provide a rich, high-performance environment for running Ruby code."[2]



Rubinius follows in the LISP tradition[3] by natively implementing as much of Ruby as possible with Ruby code.[4]

It also has a goal of being thread-safe in order to be able to embed more than one interpreter in a single application. Rubinius does not currently meet this goal due to some components borrowed from the mainline Ruby interpreter[2].


Engine Yard funds two full time engineers to work exclusively on Rubinius.[5]

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