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Runtime Intelligence Service is an application instrumentation and analysis solution created and marketed by the software company PreEmptive Solutions. Runtime Intelligence data is obtained by instrumenting .NET or Java applications using the Dotfuscator or DashO platforms. Once injected the application sends messages to a designated endpoint for storage and subsequent analysis. The users of the instrumented software may be offered the opportunity to opt-in to transmitting the usage data, or transmission may be made mandatory as a requirement of a EULA or service agreement. This instrumentation takes place post-build, and does not carry the traditional impact on end-user performance. A light version of Runtime Intelligence functionality is included in Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 as part of Dotfuscator Software Services CE [1].


Runtime Intelligence Service is comprised of three components:
• The End Point serves as the repository for all transmitted runtime data and is the hub for interactive and programmatic access. The End Point can either be hosted by PreEmptive Solutions or can be “self-hosted” by a client organization.
• The Portal is the primary access mode for users to view dashboards, reports, and to export runtime data.
• An API provides programmatic access to the End Point to enable CRM, ERP, and ALM systems to consume runtime data directly.

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