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PT.COM Comunicações Interactivas SA
Type Subsidiary
Founded Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal (1997)
Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
Key people Henrique Granadeiro, Chairman
Zeinal Bava, CEO
Industry Internet
Products ISP, Search Engine, SAPO Anúncios (pay per click advertising)
Revenue (See Portugal Telecom)
Operating income (See Portugal Telecom)
Employees >95

SAPO (Portuguese for toad), Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses, is a brand and subsidiary company of the Portugal Telecom Group. It is a portuguese internet service provider that started as a search engine when founded in 1995.


SAPO was created on September 4, 1995 at the University of Aveiro by seven members of the Computer Science Center of the University. The name was derived from the acronym of the service, S.A.P.O (Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses Online). This acronym corresponds to the portuguese word for frog.

In 1997 the members of the Computer Science Center left the university and founded a company called 'Navegante', after which SAPO became property of that company. The portal then started to have a commercial exploration.

Later, in September 1998, Saber & Lazer - Informática e Comunicação S.A. bought SAPO from Navegante. With Saber & Lazer, SAPO launched new services; free e-mail, a virtual shopping and some new features for the search engine.

Still in that year, due to increasing traffic SAPO and Telepac signed an agreement, with 'Telepac' becoming their new internet service provider.

In September 1999, PT Multimédia acquired 74,9% of Saber e Lazer. And in March 2000, SAPO was assigned to, with the objective of joining all internet projects under only one company. Currently the company is 100% held by (which belongs to Portugal Telecom, after selling it in 2005).

After some improvements in infrastructures and accesses, finally in June 2002 the the ADSL access service was launched, starting the era of new contents for the portal.

On March 28, 2006, SAPO XL was launched: a project for broadband content, in which the main content is videos, on-line television transmission and real-time transmission of events.

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