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The SAYNOTO0870.COM search page

SAYNOTO0870.COM is a UK website with a directory of non-geographic telephone numbers and their geographical alternatives.

The website, which primarily started as a directory of alternatives to 0870 numbers (hence the name), also lists alternatives for 0844, 0845, 0871 and even 0800/0808 freephone numbers.

The vast majority of numbers are submitted by visitors to the website, but the discussion board also offers a place for visitors to request alternatives numbers if they are not included in the database. Some companies that advertise a non-geographic number will also offer a number for calling from abroad - usually starting +441 or +442 - this number can be used within the UK (removing the +44 and replacing it with 0) to avoid the cost of calling non-geographic numbers. Some companies will also offer a geographic alternative if asked.


Motivations behind the website

  • Many people don't realise that there are many phone providers offering cheaper or, increasingly, free calls to standard telephone numbers (those beginning with 01, 02 or 03), which don't apply to 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 telephone numbers.
  • Organisations using non-geographical numbers often receive a cut of the cost paid by the caller.
  • Calls to non-geographic numbers are charged at a premium rate if called from a mobile phone, and are not included in bundled minutes.
  • Calls to freephone numbers (0500, 0800 and 0808) are also not included in most mobile phone inclusive minutes. Therefore, alternative standard telephone numbers (beginning 01, 02 or 03) can be looked up on ths site. This enables mobile phone users to call companies out of their inclusive minutes, rather than paying to call their 'freephone' number.


The site has gained popularity by being awarded Website Of The Day by BBC Radio 2. It has also been featured on the BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show, BBC Radio Gloucestershire's Website of the Week[1] and in the The Guardian newspaper.[2] Some of its forum members have also been interviewed in newspapers regarding the issues surrounding the use of non-geographic numbers, including the owner Daniel.[3]

The website is also supported by Martin Lewis' website.


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