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The SWX Format (or simply SWX) is an open-source data format that Adobe Flash Player can interpret, as if it were a standard SWF.[1] Since SWX is a subset of the SWF format, data is stored as SWF bytecode which is automatically interpreted by any version of Adobe Flash Player requiring no additional installation by the end user.[2] An ActionScript API is also provided by the developers aiding integration of the SWX Format into Flash Websites and Rich Internet Applications.


SWX data files can be loaded into Flash movies that use:

  • ActionScript 2, using the internal Flash function loadMovie(). This function is available in every active version of Adobe Flash Player, meaning developers may utilize this functionality without any additional source code.
  • ActionScript 3, using an SWX API function. When data is received, SWX sends a custom event to the Flash movie that requested the data, enabling the program to react or utilize the data the moment it is downloaded and available for use.


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