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Scenari is an open source software suite that introduce a new methodology to edit and publish multimedia documents.

The author of a document on Scenari applications only have to fill and organize the content in the editor without thinking about its presentation for a particular output media. The document structure components, published layouts and styles are defined in a specific "document model" connected to the particular usage context.



The aim of Scenari is to create some "good practice" with document publishing and to address those requirements:

  • The author can write the content only once, then republish in different file formats or with different presentation (HTML, SCORM export, / pdf, flash slideshow... as long as they have been planned in the document model).
  • The author only needs to maintain the original version (internally stored in XML to be able to republish if the document has to be updated.
  • The author does not need to master each output technology or file format to produce high-quality and standard compliant documents.
  • Authors are bound to the document model that define their freedom or obligations to keep the document well structured.
  • Authors are bound to the corporate identity or presentation that has been integrated in the document model.


  • SCENARIdiscovery : a standalone application packaged with 6 models to demonstrate how document authoring is done "the Scenari way" (partially translated into English).
  • SCENARIchain: an authoring application that can be used to install and use document models.
  • SCENARIbuilder: the application used to create new document models, it uses its own model definition language assisted by a modeling GUI. It's designed for users with a strong technical background, at least "power users".
  • SCENARIserver: the server component that can handle document storage and publishing
  • SCENARIclient: the client component that can handle remotely editing documents stored on a SCENARIserver.

Each model can also be packaged in a standalone application (SCENARIapp).

The following operating systems are supported :

Those applications are published under the following licences (you must agree with at least one licence) :

  • MPL

Binary versions can be distributed with proprietary libraries (Java JRE)


[1] is currently one of the main Scenari models and is used in several French universities and by some international partners to produce academic training documents.

The following models are distributed as a part of SCENARIdiscovery (standalone versions may also exist):

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