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Schnitzelmitkartoffelsalat (literally "Schnitzelwithpotatosalad", schnitzel with potato salad) is a German phrase that is used to test the operations of search engines and the methods of search engine optimization. It was first mentioned on November 15, 2002 by Steffi Abel in the newsgroup de.comm.infosystems.www.authoring.misc. It was an arbitrary phrase that had not appeared in the Google index up to that point.

The goal was to examine the way Google read different types of HTML construction. Eventually, it became used in an unofficial contest to see which sites could receive the higher rankings. It has also become a synonym for expressions that cannot yet be found in search engine indexes.

A new expression in an April 2005 contest is Hommingberger Gepardenforelle.

Results in different search engines

Search Engine July, 2005 April, 2006
AlltheWeb search 2,820 6,160
AltaVista search 3,800 6,940
Google search 18,500 21,600
MSN search Unknown 4,588
Vivísimo search 2,621 4,588
Yahoo! search 21,400 6,780

These results are approximate

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