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Type of site Biological Database for Scientists
Registration Required
Launched February 2009
Zurich, Switzerland

SciClyc is a biological database website built for biomedical scientists in academia and the biomedical industry. SciClyc allows scientists to store data in online banks comprised of antibodies, cell cultures, and protocols. Scientists may then share these resources with lab members and collaborators by online collaborations. SciClyc was launched in Zurich, Switzerland in 2008 [1]



SciClyc serves as an online database for management resources and documentation pertaining to biomedical materials, processes and applications. As such, SciClyc to overcome limitations in management of biomedical research materials including access limitations, content limitations, by providing an open-access platform for organizing, managing, and sharing biomedical materials through user-defined collaborations and mobile devices.


Registered users who contact each other through either the platform, or by external means can share parts or all of their data through online collaborations. Online collaborations occur when two or more users mutually agree to share parts of their research banks with each other. By enabling this function, platform users can then visualize specific information in their collaborators’ bank for which they are granted access. Information owners dictate the access rights of their collaborators, so they may decide which information is shared with whom. By this operation, users maintain the privacy and security of all their information while simultaneous sharing it with only collaborators they wish. As such, anybody may globally access this platform to upload, organize, and share information related to the materials and processes used in their scientific work.


SciClyc is provided by The Zurich Center for Medical Research.[2] and the Institute of Integrative Molecular Medicine[3] at the University of Zurich [4] Switzerland to improve the efficiency of biomedical research at that institution. SciClyc and has since expanded to other institutions including Harvard University, ETH Zurich, Stanford University, and Georgetown University.


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