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File:Science Blogs logo.JPG
Commercial? No
Type of site Virtual community
Owner ScienceBlogs, LLC
Created by Seed Media Group
Launched January, 2006

ScienceBlogs is an invitation-only blog network and virtual community. It was created by Seed Media Group in 2006 to enhance the public understanding of science.[1] As of February 2009, ScienceBlogs hosted 75 blogs dedicated to various fields of research. Each blog has its own theme, specialty, and author(s) and is not subject to editorial control. Authors include active scientists working in industry, universities and medical schools as well as college professors, physicians, professional writers, graduate students, and post-docs.

According to Technorati, as of 2007-07-07, ScienceBlogs had an "authority" of 9,581 and its number of inbound links ranks it 37th among blogs worldwide.[2] As of 2008-03-14, Quantcast charts it as having over 1.1 million monthly unique visitors, 65% of whom are from the United States.[3]



ScienceBlogs was launched in January 2006 with 15 blogs on the network. For the launch blogs, Seed invited some of the best-known independent science bloggers and allowed them to blog about whichever subjects they wished.[4] Revenue was generated through advertisements sold to companies who wished to attract "bright, curious consumers who buy products like automobiles, books, cellphones, computers, liquor, music and watches." [5]

As a result of the free rein given to bloggers and the incentive to increase traffic, bloggers on the network often discuss hot topics such as politics and religion in addition to science. These topics frequently incite heated arguments in the comment threads and bloggers on the network sometimes get into arguments with each other over a series of posts.[4]

ScienceBlogs and Seed received some notable awards at the end of their first year of activity, including the 2006 UTNE Independent Press Award for Best Science/Technology Coverage being granted to Seed, in large part due to the success of ScienceBlogs. Additionally, two blogs on the network received Weblog awards: Pharyngula [2] for Best Science Blog and Respectful Insolence for Best Medical/Health Issues Blog.

The creators of ScienceBlogs have expanded their collection of hosted blogs in three major waves, supplemented by individual additions along the way. Some of the most trafficked blogs include Pharyngula [3], Respectful Insolence, Good Math Bad Math, Deltoid, Cognitive Daily, Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) and On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess.

ScienceBlogs launched a German-language edition of the site,, in 2008 in partnership with Hubert Burda Media. As of May 2009, the site hosted 30 blogs [6]. ScienceBlogs Brazil debuted in March of 2009 with 23 Portuguese language blogs.


ScienceBlogs consists of ten channels, or categories, of blog entries. Each blog author decides what channel his or her individual post belongs in, and each post is indexed accordingly on the main page. The categories are:

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