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ScrewTurn Wiki
Developer(s) Screwturn Software
Stable release 2.0.36 / January 10, 2009; 382699679 ago
Preview release 3.0 RC0 / April 4, 2009; 375442079 ago
Operating system Windows
Type Wiki software
License GPLv2

ScrewTurn Wiki is open source (GPLv2) Wiki software that runs on the Windows ASP.NET platform. It is written in C# and by default does not require a database, though SQL Server and Mysql are supported by the use of plugins[1].

It can be considered both a Wiki and a Personal Wiki because it also has a Desktop Edition[2] that runs locally without the need to be installed on a web server.

The user interface, thanks to many users' contributions, is available in 11 languages. The syntax is very similar to that of MediaWiki.


Notable features


  1. Clear and simple syntax much alike MediaWiki
  2. Multiple storage options
  3. Plugin system
  4. Free and open-source


  1. Users are divided only into two groups - admins and users (to be fixed in version 3.0)
  2. Almost no ACL and security configuration (to be fixed in version 3.0)

Open source development prize

In 2007, blogger Jeff Atwood asked his readers to help him donate money from his blog's advertising revenue to open-source .NET projects.[3] In 2008, he awarded $5,000 to ScrewTurn.[4]

External links


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  2. ScrewTurn Wiki - Desktop Edition - ScrewTurn Software
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