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Scripped Writer
Developer(s) Scripped, Inc.
Initial release 2008-01-08
Operating system Any (Web-based application)
Development status Active
Type screenwriting

Scripped is an online screenplay services company offering three services: script writing, script registration, and script coverage. Scripped currently does not facilitate collaboration among screenwriters. According to its founders, Scripped has more than 8,000 writers and 10,000 scripts as of July 2008 [1]

Scripped is administered by Sunil Rajaraman, Zak Freer, and Ryan Buckley.[2][3][4][5] Actor, writer, and director Edward Burns recently joined Scripped's Board of Advisers.[6] In 2008, the company formed a partnership with Write Brothers, makers of Movie Magic Screenwriter software.[7]



The Scripped Writer provides a built-in screenplay template which formats the document to a standard for scripts as recommended by the AMPAS.[8] The screenplay document is composed of seven elements: scene, action, character, dialog, parenthetical, transition and general. Each element has a specific style to which the Scripped Writer conforms as text is entered.

Like other client-side screenplay software, Scripped offers Tab-Enter toggling between screenplay elements, making the writing process much faster.

Text files can be imported into the Scripped Writer and automatically conformed to the screenplay template. Completed scripts can be exported as PDF files.

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