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SearchW3 is Bangladesh's first metasearch engine created by Shehzad Noor Taus, a 13-year old teenager. SearchW3 has been created because the previous meta search engines removed the important results while filtering. SearchW3 is different. It does not at all filter the results it brings from Microsoft Bing via Bing API. It organizes the results according to the user query and that's how the results are arranged. It uses a unique technology called the meta-organizing-tech to organize those results giving each result a value according to its match with the user query. SearchW3 can be found at


SearchW3 File Sharing

SearchW3 allows users to send files up to 800MB, via email. The file is at first uploaded to the SearchW3 server, and the link is sent via email. It is Bangladesh's first File Sharing website. Link -


SearchW3 began as Dark Search, a Google clone on April 26 2009. Later in July Shehzad decided to change its name to SearchW3. The name SearchW3 means Search WWW or Search World Wide Web. Shehzad visited different meta search engines like Dogpile and CNET Search.Com. He saw that in these metasearch engines that the results were filtered and deleted most of the relevant results. Shehzad also observed that all search engines view the 70% similar results in their later pages. So he thought of choosing a search engine that will provide him with legal permissions to metasearch. At first he chose Yahoo and later he chose Bing.

Shehzad Noor Taus' role

Shehzad Noor Taus alone developed this complete metasearch engine. He learned the PHP programming language from W3Schools and read different programming forums. Later one of his programmer cousins Mr.Ashiqur Rahman Rony asked him if he could develop a metasearch engine. Shehzad decided to do so and began Dark Search in April 26 2009.

About SearchW3

SearchW3 is developed in the PHP programming language. Its stylings are done in CSS. This metasearch engine, known as Bangladesh's first metasearch engines, uses Bing API to fetch the results. Many can think that Bing then plays the main role in SearchW3. Well, they are wrong! SearchW3 has a unique organizing technology which organizes search results in a manner even Google can't! In specific case, or in most, SearchW3 acts better than Google. SearchW3 has been accepted by the many worldwide internet users, specifically from India,Iran,Saudi Arabia,United States,United Kingdom and mainly Bangladesh.

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