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Developed to boost automotive dealers’ websites in organic search rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN (now bing), Search Inventory Marketing (SIM) is a proprietary process of developing a website so that each inventory page can be crawled and ranked separately.

Search Inventory Marketing (SIM) was designed to boost a site’s overall search engine optimization results. Typically, crawlers seek content from the main pages of a site, looking for keywords and using algorithms unique to that search engine to determine ranking results. Pages that are frequently updated are more frequently crawled by the search engines. Therefore, regular updates can help improve results.

However, inventory product pages are typically viewed as a database, not individual pages by the search engine and therefore are typically not included in SEO results. The Search Inventory Marketing website development process constructs a site so that inventory is viewed by the engines as unique pages with dynamically populated content, so that the engines read the site as having a greater number of pages total. Keywords for the inventory then become key search terms for the site and improve rankings.

Search Inventory Marketing was pioneered by Auto Dealer Traffic[1], a subsidiary of People To My Site[2].

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