Searchlight BBS

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Searchlight BBS
Original author(s) Frank LaRosa
Developer(s) Searchlight Software (1987–1998); TeleGrafix Communications
Initial release 1985
Stable release 5.1 / February 6, 1999[1]
Written in Microsoft Level III BASIC; Turbo Pascal
Operating system DOS
Platform IBM PC compatible; TRS-80
Available in English
Development status Discontinued
Type Bulletin board system
License Shareware

Searchlight BBS is a bulletin board system (BBS) developed in 1985 by Frank LaRosa for the TRS-80.[2]. In 1987, LaRosa decided to expand the BBS project into a shareware application written in Pascal using Turbo Pascal.[2] LaRosa formed a company, Searchlight Software, through which to market and sell Searchlight BBS. The features of Searchlight BBS included a full screen text editor, a remote DOS shell, and file transfer via the XMODEM protocol. Searchlight BBS became rapidly grew in popularity, and appeared frequently in Boardwatch magazine, and at BBS conventions across the United States. Eventually, Searchlight BBS supported FidoNet, ZMODEM, Internet e-mail and telnet connectivity.

With the popularity of the Internet growing, Searchight Software sold Searchlight BBS, along with Spinnaker Web Server, to TeleGrafix Communications in 1998.[3]


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