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Seeking Alpha is a free provider of stock market opinion and analysis from blogs, money managers and investment newsletters, and a provider of its own financial content. Alpha is a financial term referring to a stock's performance relative to the market; it is used by fund managers to describe beating their index, so fund pickers "seek alpha".

Seeking Alpha has its own editorial staff, as well as being a traditional blog. Seeking Alpha claims to be the only company that provides full earnings call transcripts on its website.[1] It offers these free, as well as summaries of Jim Cramer's comments.[2] The company has also developed a free stock widget designed for the financial bloggers. It features stock quotes from the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, Pink Sheets, and OTC Bulletin Boards.[3]

Started in 2004 by David Jackson,[4] Seeking Alpha has 50 employees on two continents and has formed partnerships with companies including Yahoo! Finance,[5] Dow Jones MarketWatch, E-Trade,[6] and CNET.[7] The company is backed by Benchmark Capital, a firm that funded eBay.[8]

In the financial news field, Seeking Alpha is currently the largest stock market blog, with over 3000 contributing articles and running about 250 articles a day, according to[9] Articles are available on the Seeking Alpha website as well as via BlackBerry or RSS feed.[10] Seeking Alpha's stock research content is more extensive than Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance, according to Sramana Mitra[11] [a frequent contributor to Seeking Alpha]. Seeking Alpha focuses on opinion and analysis rather than news, however, and is primarily written by investors who describe their personal approach to stock picking and portfolio management rather than by journalists. To this end, Seeking Alpha syndicates a number of other financial blogs, including The Bottom Violation. Seeking Alpha's primary readership is among money managers, research analysts, investment bankers, and serious individual investors.[citation needed]

Seeking Alpha was the recipient of Forbes' Best of the Web Award [12] and Kiplinger's Award for Most Informative Website.[13] Seeking Alpha was also ranked by Fox News as the top financial blog in a 2007 telecast.[14] Seeking Alpha's David Jackson was ranked #2 on US News and World Report's list of global 'Market Movers' gaining the most influence.[15]


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