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SeerSuite refers a to a collection of open source tools that provide the underlying application software for creating academic search engines and digital libraries such as CiteSeerX, ChemXSeer, and ArchSeer. The collections of tools is now available on SourceForge under the Apache Software Foundation License.

Each one of the tools in SeerSuite is a stand alone service that can be used to perform a particular task or can be tied to other applications in order to create a bigger and complex system such as CiteSeerX. Many of the tools within the suite are the result of research initiatives conducted at the Pennsylvania State University. Some of the tools may have external dependencies which are freely distributable or can be obtained freely from public sources.

In addition SeerSuite attempts to provide resources such as algorithms, data, metadata, services, techniques, and software that can be used to promote and create other digital libraries.

SeerSuite Tools

  • Header Parser
  • Citation Parser (ParsCit)
  • Document Filter
  • ID Server
  • CiteSeerx Web Application.
  • Installation and Database creation scripts.
  • Configuration files.
  • YouSeer: complete and powerful open source search engine available on SourceForge that integrates the open source crawler Heritrix with the open source indexer Solr. The ingesting software is very flexible and allows for user-specific data extraction implementations. Furthermore, YouSeer provides a simple interface to query the index and another interface to retrieve cached versions of the documents.

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