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SenseTalk in the OS X Terminal/CLI & Eggplant Dev Environment
Developer(s) Thoughtful Software
Stable release 1.25 / 18-January-2007
Operating system Mac OS X v10.3 & Mac OS X v10.4
Type hypermedia, development, scripting
License Proprietary

SenseTalk is an English-like scripting language derived from the HyperTalk language used in HyperCard. SenseTalk was originally developed as the scripting language within the HyperSense multimedia authoring application on the NeXTStep and OpenStep platforms. SenseTalk resurfaced in 2002 as the scripting language in eggPlant, the first commercial Mac OS X and cross-platform GUI testing application.


SenseTalk is a very English-like scripting language in the xTalk family (derived from HyperTalk) with more advanced programming language extensions. There are a number of features that distinguish SenseTalk from other xTalk languages. One of these is the inclusion of both lists and property lists as first class data structures. Another is the inclusion of objects. SenseTalk treats any script or property list as an object, encapsulating both properties and behaviors. SenseTalk does not include the concept of object classes, but instead treats every object equally. Any object can inherit behavior from any other object or objects (multiple inheritance is supported).

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