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File:ShareTheMusic Logo Small.png
Commercial? Yes
Type of site social network service, music service
Registration required (free)
Available language(s) Multilingual (8) English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish
Owner Desh
Current status Active

ShareTheMusic is the Internet platform for legal and free music sharing, owned by Desh, ltd.

It was launched worldwide on 26 October 2009. In December 2009 has been admitted to Microsoft BizSpark (a global program for Start-up projects owned by private companies)[1].

The guiding idea of the service was to make it possible for all the Internet users, disregarding their geographical location, to listen to the music without any fees and in conformity with the copyright [2].

It is the first time that the mechanism of One-2-One Streaming has been used in the music service, which allows a broadcaster to share the music with only one listener at a time. SharetheMusic acts as a middleman between users, and in contrast to other services, it does not store or distribute any files.



ShareTheMusic plays a role of a middleman between the portal users who want to share their music by offering other Internet users access to it.

Using the application developed, specifically for this service, by Hicron Company, people who have a particular piece of music on their hard disk can broadcast it to only one listener at a time, and it cannot be copied by saving to the disk of another user. In this way the copyright of authors, performers and producers is observed [3].



ShareTheMusic is a free and global service. Since it was launched, the site has been available in 8 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Polish.

On its website the service provides a search engine and Randomizer.

The search engine allows searching for any service user, group, album, artist or any piece of music from a catalogue consisting of almost 13 million items. After finding an artist’s profile, it is possible to view the list of related artists who play in the same style, imitate or inspire him/her.

Randomizer is a multi-channel, narrowly profiled radio station, in which users themselves are broadcasters. Each channel of Randomizer consists of a list of theme-related pieces of music which are made available in the service. The tracks from the list on a given channel are played at random order in Player, without the interference of the listener. Randomizer, similarly to the whole ShareTheMusic, is based on the principle of One-2-One Streaming.


ShareTheMusic contains a music community section, in which users can create their own profiles, communicate, create thematic groups, post information on music, and in this way they can directly influence the content appearing in the service.

The user, by creating his profile, obtains a possibility of communicating freely with other community members through a mail box or comments. Other features including Playlists (each user can create their own playlists) and marking tracks as Favourite or Disliked allow the users to share their musical tastes.

Each user has a possibility to create a group (private or public) and start discussion topics on the forum. The users themselves are the moderators of discussions: they determine what they want to write about.

File:ShareTheMusic Player.png
ShareTheMusic Player


Sharing and listening to the music is executed via applications provided by ShareTheMusic.

ShareTheMusic Player is used to play audio files, such as mp3, wma, wav, and to create and use Playlists. With ShareTheMusic Player you can play music files available on the site, and share the music with other users of the Portal. ShareTheMusic Player plays music channels of Randomizer. It also provides the opportunity to get to know new music by displaying the list of related artists - this feature is available in Player in a REL section (Related).

ShareTheMusic Ripper is an application for ripping audio CDs to mp3 files. Ripper, integrated with CDDB, automatically recognizes the titles of the ripped tracks.


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