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Original author(s) Dan Phiffer and Mushon Zer-Aviv
Stable release 0.14 / January 10, 2009; 383165392 ago
Written in JavaScript, PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type web annotation, metaweb
License Tri-licensed: MPL / GPL / LGPL

ShiftSpace is an open-source metaweb or web annotation application and framework that allows altering (or, as ShiftSpace calls it, "shifting") web pages with different tools (called "spaces"). Current tools allow the creation of sticky-notes, text highlighting or the alteration of the web page's source code, among other things. The tagline of the application is "an open source layer above any web page". It is implemented as a userscript for the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox.

ShiftSpace was covered by TechCrunch in April 2007 as one of "5 ways to mark up the web" [1].

Turbulence, a net art commissioning group from New York City, ran a commission program which rewarded people to build new tools ("spaces") for the open ShiftSpace platform [2].

See also

  • Wikis, websites which allow users (either certain users or all users) to edit them via a web interface
  • Reframe It, a free plug-in that allows users to comment anywhere on the web without the permission of the website


  1. Five Ways to Mark Up the Web
  2. ShiftSpace Commission Program

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