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Developer(s) HBR Labs
Operating system Microsoft windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Type Collaborative web application

ShowDocument is an online web application that allows multiple users to conduct web meetings, upload, share and review documents from remote locations[1][2]. The service was developed by the HBR Labs company, established in 2007.



Users can collaborate on and review a single document in real time, with scrolling, annotation and mouse movements being immediately visible to all users[3] and the text being simultaneously accessible for co-editing[4]. For web meetings and online presentations, it is possible to collaboratively draw and write on a virtual whiteboard, and to stream a Youtube video to a group in full synchronization with the presenter having the option to pause, seek and annotate the video in real time. A feature also exists for group browsing of Google Maps.


Showdocument was first developed in 2007. On September 8, 2009, HBR labs released a new version called Showdocument Now, which included new features such as secure online document storage and mobile device support. Of particular note was the 'dedicated meeting room' feature; such a room had its specific number, which made it possible to invite others directly into the user's web conference[5].


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