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Silex is an Open Source RIA which lets you build Flash websites, for Flash Player 7, 8 and 9.

Silex is a new kind of CMS (Content Management System), a mix between editing software and wiki based software.

All multimedia file formats can be assembled in Silex WYSIWYG editor for publishing website online, in a local computer and on CD-R.



Open on most Adobe software and on many others, Silex let you publish various types of media online or on CD, while allowing you to enjoy a set of features you need for online publication: automatic search engine optimization, description of the media, multilingual websites, deep linking...

In addition, Silex embraces the open source philosophy and it is aimed at people wishing to quickly master a powerful web publishing tool.

Based on the ActionScript language, this CMS has a short learning curve for people knowing Flash. Anyone who knows the general principles of Quark X-Press, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. will find the basic principles of publication in Silex.

In addition, Silex is a RIA (rich Internet application). This is particularly important: put on a server, Silex is accessible from any computer connected to the web. Silex requires no installation and is fully compatible MAC (10.5) - Windows (XP, VISTA) - LINUX.

Silex brings together the various backgrounds involved in web publishing.

Silex users have chosen this tool for: [1]

  • its legitimate integration in the Adobe package.
  • its automatic SEO system
  • its multilingual contexts management
  • its constant evolution
  • its short learning curve
  • its documentation and the designers and developers community which is bigger and bigger
  • its light weight
  • the Silex components and themes provided with it
  • the Flash look and feel of the produced applications

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