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Silicon Alley Insider
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Online Newsroom
Available language(s) English
Owner Silicon Alley Insider, Inc.
Launched 2007
Current status Active


Silicon Alley Insider (Part of The Business Insider) is a technology focused business news site launched May 19th, 2007. It was started by Henry Blodget after he was barred from the securities industry[1]. At the site’s onset Blodget recruited other mainstream reporters including ex-Forbes reporters Peter Kafka and Dan Frommer.


The site offers coverage of larger technology companies within the online space including Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others. Content items are broken into small write-ups usually under 500 words and featuring an image, video clip, or alternate form of multimedia. In addition to original content, the site also aggregates content from a variety of other large, mainstream sources with a brief synopsis. Their original works are often times cited by other larger global publications including Vanity Fair [2] CNBC [3], NY Times [4] Financial Times [5] and Reuters [6].


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