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Simple Build Tool
Stable release 0.5.6 / 2009-11-3; 135274871 ago
Written in Scala
Operating system Cross-platform
Development status Active
Type Build Tool
License BSD License

Simple Build Tool (sbt) is an open source build tool for Scala projects that aims to do the basics well.

Its main features are:

  • SBT knows how to compile Scala code, to run tests, to package jars and wars, and to start the Scala interpreter with the right classpath.
  • Build recipes are specified using a Scala DSL, in a mix of declarative and imperative styles.
  • SBT manages dependencies, leveraging existing Maven or Ivy packages repositories.
  • SBT can run continuous compilation, testing and deployment, helping programmers adhere to the TDD methodology.
  • Projects layout is very similar to the one recommended for Maven, making it easy to switch from Maven to SBT and back, if needed.
  • Changes to source files are monitored and a compiler plugin used to gather dependency information so only a minimum set of dependent sources will be recompiled, reducing rebuild times.
  • Mixed Scala/Java projects are supported.

The author of sbt is Mark Harrah.

In addition to the stable 0.5.x series, an experimental 0.6.x branch is available with new features, including improved support for Scala 2.8.

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