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Simutrans Experimental
Original author(s) James E. Petts
Developer(s) James E. Petts
Initial release 2009
Stable release 0.7 / 2009-11-8; 134845911 ago
Written in C++
Operating system Multi-platform
Platform Cross-platform
Available in Multilingual
Development status Active
Type Business simulation
License Artistic License

Simutrans Experimental, also known as STExp, is a fork developed by James E. Petts, based on the transport simulation game Simutrans, focused on the development of the Simutrans engine. It includes new special features, which attempt to create a more realistic game.


Compatible Paksets

Currently there's only one pakset that supports the features of Simutrans-Experimental called pak128.Britain.

An Overview of the Features in Simutrans-Experimental

This is brief summary of each of the main features of Simutrans-Experimental

Economics and Finance

  • Revenue Calculation
  • Debt Handling
  • Industrial Obsolescence
  • Passenger Generation
  • Journey Time Tolerance
  • Private Cars
  • Obsolete Vehicle Running Costs
  • Fixed Maintenance Costs
  • Customisable City Growth
  • Scale


  • Routing of goods and passengers
  • Overcrowding handling
  • Weight limits
  • Cornering
  • Hill Climbing
  • Steam physics
  • Way constraints
  • Reversing
  • Loading time
  • Overcrowding


  • Automatic convoy replacing
  • Vehicle upgrading
  • Automatic signal building
  • City electrification

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