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SiteScreen. is an online semantic advertising solution, developed by iSense, a company based in London, with research and development facilities in Copenhagen & Holyhead. The company has offices in New York, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Madrid, Milan, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam

SiteScreen applies the principles of semantics to online advertising with solutions to block the placement of advertisements alongside Internet content that could be seen as being controversial. Within SiteScreen, the following filters exist

SiteScreen using semantic analysis to extract the content of a webpage and determine the themes within the text. Where the themes are identified as being controversial, an instruction is made to the ad server to block the delivery of online adverts to that page. The function therefore avoids the potential of damage to advertiser's brand values due to association with the controversial content. [1] [2] [3] [4]

In December 2008, iSense won E-consultancy’s ‘Innovation in Online Advertising’ award for the SiteScreen solution[5]


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