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Skatter Tech
scattered technology news
Type of site Tech Blog
Registration Optional
Owner Skatter Tech
Created by Sahas Katta
Launched October, 2004
Current status Active

Skatter Tech is an advertising-supported web publication which reviews gadgets and covers the latest tech news. Content covers everything from mobile phones, computers, games, and accessories. Software reviews and tips are for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux users. A part-time staff of 10 publish at least one to two articles each day. About 500 articles have been published since its debut in 2004 as of mid-2009. The blog is largely run and maintained by the founder, Sahas Katta.



Prior to the launch of Skatter Tech in October 2004, much of the content was a part of Sahas Katta's personal blog, Within a few months of launch, it received a warm web reception. Skatter Tech was accessed by over 1.5 million readers within 12 months of launch. Few of the earlier popular topics on the blog included hacks for the Sony PlayStation Portable, Soda Machines, and Master Locks.


Content published on Skatter Tech is also redistributed through Reuters, Google News, Computer Shopper, and local news papers. Popular content includes customizations for popular operating systems and mobile phones in the United States. Skatter Tech covers many exhibitions and press events every year including the Consumer Electronics Show, MacWorld Expo, Nvision, and CTIA. According to the site's About page, as of November 2009, the site was being accessed by over 60,000 readers each weekly. The blog is currently ranked within the top 100,000 Alexa Sites (93,788 as of July 14, 2008).


As of November 2009, there are total of 10 writers.[1]

Name Position
Sahas Katta Founder / CEO
Sharath Shroff Moderator
Sanketh Katta Editor
Andrew Fong
Dominic Raad
Akshay Aanabathula
Jordan Zhang Social Media
Alex Chan-Kai
Ian Thackston
Pranav Dhir Digital Entertainment


Skatter Tech has been featured on many major publications over the years.

  • BoingBoing
  • Yahoo! Tech[2]
  • The Blog Herald
  • San Jose Mercury News
  • Engadget[3]
  • Gizmodo
  • Make Magazine[4]
  • CNN Fortune BrainstormTech[5]


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