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Slogan Feeding Your Gadget and Tech Obsessions
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Weblog
Registration Optional
Available language(s) English, Japanese
Owner R3 Media LLC
Created by Ewdison Then, Vincent Nguyen, Chris Davies
Launched December 2005 (2005-12)
Current status Active

SlashGear is a weblog devoted to consumer electronics and technology published by R3 Media LLC. The site was launched in December 2005 and grew quickly in popularity reaching Technorati Top 100 blog (ranked #51 overall and #4 in Technology blogs as of January 2010).[1]

The blog is edited by Ewdison Then, Vincent Nguyen, and Chris Davies. Michael Gartenberg, a technology analyst writes weekly column on SlashGear.[2] It is updated daily and published in two languages – English and Japanese.[3] It was revealed during an interview with one of its executive editor, SlashGear generates $40,000 of revenue each month.[4]


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