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Developer(s) JBKnowledge Technologies, Inc.
Stable release 10.6
Type Construction software
License Proprietary
Website SmartBidNet

SmartBidNet is a construction bid management tool developed by JBKnowledge Technologies, Inc. SmartBidNet is web-based software and is able to be accessed from all systems through a supported browser. The software is designed for general contractors (GCs) and gives them an online plan room to manage construction project bidding.[1]

SmartBidNet is provided to general contractors on an annual licensing basis (SaaS). The software is updated monthly in order to provide a smooth and efficient platform for GCs to work from.[2]



SmartBidNet allows general contractors to move their entire project bidding process online, reducing the amount of paper used by both general contractors and subcontractors (subs).[3] All communication between GCs and subs related to bid proposals is done via email or fax. General contractors are able to build databases of subcontractors and vendors and then request bids from only the subs and vendors they want to bid a project.[1] GCs are able to view bid proposals as subs send them in and compare all bids received side by side.


SmartBidNet is currently supported on Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7-8, Safari 3-4, and Chrome.[4]

The current version is SmartBidNet 10.6. This is the 10th major release. Updates are released between major releases and are used to keep the software functioning smoothly and instep with the needs of general contractors. Upgrades and updates are performed without upgrade fees or software downtime.[1]


SmartBidNet stores and manages all bid information used by the general contractors and eliminates the need for GCs to store bid information on their hardware, accessing it when needed through the program's web-interface.[5]

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