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Smolt is a combined effort of various Linux projects, initially by Fedora, to gather hardware information from computers running Linux. Information collection is voluntary and anonymous. This means that smolt does not run automatically, it presents information that will be uploaded to the smolt server and give its user time to proceed, or cancel upload.



Gathering hardware information in one place is a long existing desire for Linux. Smolt is not the first attempt, nor the only that is currently running, but it is the first initiative that is accepted by few major Linux distributions.

Collecting this kind of data as a cross distribution project initiative will result in a huge amount of data which can be used to:

  • aid developers in detection of computer hardware that is not well supported
  • focus efforts on popular hardware
  • provide workarounds and fixes through tips on Smolt wiki
  • help users to choose best distribution for their hardware
  • convince hardware vendors to offer support for their hardware running under Linux

Getting Smolt

Currently you can use Smolt on:

Smolt server

The smolt server is at:

It is a central place where all collected data are stored and presented in few ways.

What kind of data is collected you can see selecting any set from recent activity. It is a very limited set of information. Smolt users can change hardware status that is initially set to "I don't use this or I don't know" to any other listed on the page, indicating their experience with hardware.

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