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Commercial? Yes
Type of site Statistics & Community
Registration Free
Available language(s) multilingual (~14)
Owner Soundpedia Pte Ltd
Created by Communal
Launched August 24, 2006

Soundpedia was a Singapore-based internet radio and music community website, founded in 2006.

Using its own advanced technology, Soundpedia recommendations are based on a user voting system and play counts. Users are allowed to create playlists as they browse or while sampling music; they can then either stream their own unique "radio stations" to their own computer or web enabled mobile device. While the user streams, information is transferred to Soundpedia's database that keeps track of song play and other site usage stats. Soundpedia currently offers a browser based music player, as well as Desktop Gadgets for several OS platforms. The statistical data is displayed on the Artist and Album pages. The site offers social networking features on par with similar sites. Users can share their playlists with others, or browse and listen to other users' playlists.

Users can create custom radio stations and playlists from any of the audio tracks in Soundpedia's music library, and are able to listen to individual tracks on demand, but can not download tracks unless the rightsholder has previously authorized it. Registration is required to acquire a profile but is not necessary to view any part of the site or to listen to radio stations.


Funding and Staff

Soundpedia Pte Ltd is funded mostly through advertising support. In June 2007 the company started its first round of angel money, headed by Jacob Goldstein a veteran of the web 1.0 boom years who was introduced to the founders in January 2007. Jacob later went on to become the CEO of the company after being invited to the position by the founders Gregory Gumo and Faribourz Hosseinifard in April 2007. Soundpedia creatively is still controlled by its founders and development team. There are currently 12 staff members.

Site Evolution

Soundpedia launched a redesign of their website on January 10th, 2008. This launch was preceded by an extended period of downtime (5 weeks+) where no site applications were functional. Access to free stream has been reduced. Whereas previously an entire album might be accessible, now only half or more songs can be streamed without purchasing.

As of 2009, Soundpedia is apparently in the "deadpool" as the service is no longer accessible and its content replaced by advertisement. Oddly, its demise is not mentioned in Techcrunch which tracks web companies entering into deadpool, especially those it has previously reviewed. Neither is Soundpedia's fate mentioned in any Singapore tech blog till this day (September 2009) which is typical of Asian society where failure is generally perceived negatively, and hence rarely report for face-saving.

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