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Sourceware Archive Group (SWAG) is a free collection of classified source code and sample programs written in Pascal.[1]

On 29 November 1997 the last version of SWAG was released,[1] an HTML edition of which is now hosted by Jim McKeeth.

Although most contents in the SWAG seem out-of-date, they are believed to be still useful today, since many things are implemented nearly the same way as in the past.[1]

Modern forms

Though SWAG itself has stopped updating, a number of its equivalents are still available and made good use of today.

There are many websites offering source code, sample programs written in pure Pascal, Object Pascal or Delphi, many of whom provide huge libraries of VCL components licensed in many forms, since Delphi is the most widely used development tool in the modern Pascal/Object Pascal community.

Semi-homemade discs containing similar contents have been sold in China and was popular in the early 2000s. However, such discs are now rarely sold probably due to the popularization of internet.

With the development of Free Pascal and Lazarus, and their introduce of Free Component Library (FCL) and Lazarus Component Library (LCL), FCL- and LCL-oriented components are also steadily growing.


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