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Adjust a Citizen Watch Band

Adjusting a Citizen watch band entails removing links to make the band smaller or adding links to make the band larger. Adding or removing links remains a simple process that can be accomplished using a pastime tool set.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Stand the bracelet upwards on its part. Appear for arrows on the inside about the bracelet.

2 Put in some small pointed instrument from your hobby or watch set to the small holes on the edge of the bracelet. Put in the device inside the hole by the base of the arrow. You will see dual holes on the edge about the band. Both pins need to be removed.

3 Push the pin out by force from the direction the arrow remains pointing. Repeat this process on the 2nd pin. While the pins are removed the link will be loose.

4 Remove the link out of hers neighbor also replace unique pin to secure the bracelet.

Making the Band Longer

2 Push the pin out very the link yous detached from the clasp.

3 Put some new link subsequent to the detached link also series them awake so a new pin can go by way of their holes and attach it together. You may need to a continental them jointly depending on the type of Voter bracelet you have.

5 Repeat this process if you need to attach more besides one link.

Suggestions & Warnings

If you are not comfortable removing a link, you may take the watch to any local jeweler. They will resize the bracelet on small or no cost. Be very cautious while working in sharp tools and acquire your period while adjusting the length regarding the watch bracelet so being never to cause damage to the watch.

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