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File:Spideroak screenshot.png
SpiderOak 3.5 under Mac OS X
Developer(s) SpiderOak
Initial release December 2007
Stable release 3.6.9625 / January 21, 2010; 332743404 ago
Preview release 3.6.9601 / November 13, 2009; 338705004 ago
Operating system Mac, Windows, Linux
Available in English
Development status Active
Type Online backup service
License Proprietary and GPLv3 (for some tools)
Website https://spideroak.com

SpiderOak is an online backup tool for Windows, Mac and Linux users to back up, share, sync, access and store [1] their data using an off-site server. SpiderOak allows the user to backup any given folder of his computer, while some service only allow to backup a specified folder (like DropBox). SpiderOak uses encrypted cloud storage and client-side encryption key creation, so even employees of SpiderOak cannot access users' information, this is the 'zero-knowledge' data encryption. SpiderOak distinguishes itself from competition in provision of encryption, in provision for syncing files and folders across multiple devices, and in automatic de-duplication of data[2]. To achieve this, SpiderOak uses a layered approach to encryption, using a combination of 2048 byte RSA and 256 bit AES[3].

SpiderOak offers two account types, a free 2 GB version and a SpiderOak Plus+ subscription. The paid plan starts at $10.00/month (or $5.00/month for students[4]) for each 100 GB increment (or $100/year for each 100 GB)[5]. Some components of SpiderOak are open source, and there is a focus for the client to be fully open source in the future[6]. SpiderOak provides a Fault-Tolerant Design, so no file is ever deleted from a user account before he manually does it through the client[7], at the opposite of some services that can overwrite or delete files without the user's consent.[citation needed] SpiderOak won the Editor's Choice Award in the August 2009 edition of MacLife Magazine[8].


Main features

  • All data accessible in one de-duplicated location
  • Configurable multi-platform synchronization
  • Preserve all historical versions & deleted files
  • Share folders instantly in web ShareRooms w / RSS
  • Retrieve files from any internet-connected device
  • Comprehensive 'zero-knowledge' data encryption
  • Unlimited devices[9]

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