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Appeared in 2005
Designed by Matt Mower
Developer Matt Mower
Stable release 0.5 (2006)
Major implementations Ruby
Influenced by Ruby (programming language)
OS Cross-platform
License Open Source Initiative OSI - The MIT License:Licensing
Website http://squib.rubyforge.org/

Squib is a free, open source, weblog publishing application available under the liberal MIT Licence. Squib is written in the Ruby programming language and uses the Ruby on Rails web framework.



Squib was written by Matt Mower in 2005. Squib was written as a replacement for his blogging package Radio Userland and an urge to learn rails [1]. Since then it has gone through several partial rewrites as the Rails feature set developed [2].


  • Ruby 1.8.4+
  • RubyGems 0.8+
  • Rails 1.2.3
  • MySQL


Squib 0.3.6 was released on Dec 20th 2005. There was a 0.4 branch intended to support multiple weblogs that was eventually abandoned. Squib 0.5 is the current stable release and was released in 2006 containing a few fixes and improvements to the 0.3 release.


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