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Squiz is an open source software services company, founded in Sydney, NSW, Australia in 1998. The company produces the enterprise content management system (CMS), MySource Matrix.

Squiz has offices in Sydney (head office), Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Wellington, London and Szczecin (Poland).



Squiz was founded in Sydney Australia in 1998 with the aim of providing new levels of control, flexibility and efficiency in enterprise online publishing and web content management. Squiz remains privately owned by its founders.

The founders predicted (correctly) that web content management systems would become ubiquitous for the running of websites of any significant size and that over time the software would become a commodity, and services for the implementation and support of CMS systems would be increasingly in demand. Correspondingly, the software was built to meet large scale enterprise and government requirements, and Squiz's supported open source business model means the company earns revenue through services rather than software license fees.

Squiz has grown rapidly [1] and has continued to reinvest its profits in research and development and thus drive the product development.

In July 2009 Squiz acquired the search company Funnelback[2]

Squiz and Open Source

Squiz describes itself as a ‘ supported open source software business’. Its product development focuses purely on MySource Matrix. This also involves the MySource Matrix developer community via the MySource Matrix web site. The company’s revenue is derived from services relating to the implementation, ongoing support and (for some customers) hosting of MySource Matrix implementations.

MySource Matrix

MySource Matrix is an enterprise web content management system (CMS) available as GPL licensed open source software. A warranted version of the software is provided by Squiz.



MySource Matrix is developed in PHP5 and runs on Postgres or Oracle.


MySource Matrix competes with other web content management software offerings including those of companies such as Interwoven, Vignette, Tridion, Percussion and Alfresco.

MySource Matrix in Use

MySource Matrix is typically used by large and international business organizations and public sector and government bodies. Users listed on the Squiz website include University of Oxford[3], Informa[4], Boots[5], The Electoral Commission UK[6], Drinkaware[7], Royal College of Nursing [8], and Keesing's[9].

Previous products

Prior to MySource Matrix Squiz developed, launched and supported MySource Classic under a general open source licence. MySource Classic was a page-based tool for building and managing online projects including websites and intranets.[10]

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