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StarOffice Basic (also known as StarBasic and OOoBasic) is a dialect of BASIC that is included with the and StarOffice office suites.

Although StarBasic itself is similar to other dialects of Basic, such as Microsoft's VBA, the application programming interface (API) is very different, as the example below of a macro illustrates.

 SUB ParaCount
 ' Count number of paragraphs in a text document
   DIM Doc AS Object, Enum AS Object, Count AS LONG
   Doc = ThisComponent
 ' Is this a text document?
   IF NOT Doc.SupportsService("") THEN
     MsgBox "This macro must be run from a text document", 64, "Error"
   Count = 0
 ' Examine each component - paragraph or table?
   Enum = Doc.Text.CreateEnumeration
   WHILE Enum.HasMoreElements
     TextEl = Enum.NextElement
 ' Is the component a paragraph?
     IF TextEl.SupportsService("") THEN 
     Count = Count + 1
     END IF
 'Display result
   MsgBox Count, 0, "Paragraph Count"


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