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Jump to: navigation, search was the "ultimate dot-com startup", founded in 1998 by Donna Jensen, a former VentureOne executive. was a venture-backed accelerator which had a niche market during the dot-com bubble boom where it would partner with other startup companies to handle many of the details of setting up office and operations so these companies could focus on their core business, operate more efficiently and get to market faster. was based in Silicon Valley and had offices in New York and Boston.

Some of the services provided by included Real Estate and Space Planning, Interior Design and Furniture, Technology Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Voice Mail, Legal and Accounting, Payroll, Benefits and Staffing, Insurance, Marketing Communications and Launch Events.'s roster of clients included Google, Epinions, eVite, and GuruNet (now called

In the Fall of 2000, launched an online Internet business infrastructure procurement system named ReferralXpert.

In early 2001, after the market shifted and many of the other startup companies went out of business, attempted to transition to a research company focused on the startup market. It also changed its name first to Startups, Inc. and ultimately to Startups Intelligence Group.

In January 2002 officially went out of business fading into history as a part of the dot-com era.

In January 2008, was acquired by [1], forming a new company called Network, Inc, based in Miami, FL.

On November 5, 2009, was launched as a wiki Q&A website[1].



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