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Steve O'Keefe was an important early pioneer of the effort to develop the commercial potential of the World Wide Web.[citation needed]

As an employee of the mail order publishing firm Loompanics, O'Keefe was one of the first people to publicize and sell books on the Internet.[citation needed] Jeff Bezos, founder of, approached him for advice when he was formulating the concept behind what was to become the world's largest eCommerce site.[citation needed]

Among other innovations, O'Keefe was apparently the first person to put a book publisher's catalog on the Internet, a task he carried out for Loompanics. The catalog took the form of descriptions of 150 books distributed using the gopher protocol, a popular hypertext format that preceded the web.[citation needed]

In 1996, John Wiley & Sons published O'Keefe's first book "Publicity on the Internet", one of the first professional guides to online marketing and the first specifically on the subject of promoting books. An updated version of the book "A Complete Guide to Internet Publicity" was published in 2002.[citation needed]

In 2001, O'Keefe founded Patron Saint Productions, a New Orleans-based online publicity firm.[citation needed] He was a one of the founders of the International Association of Online Communicators and is a faculty member at Tulane University.[citation needed] In 2004, he began AuthorViews, the pioneering effort to put video of authors talking about their books online.[citation needed] A survivor of Hurricane Katrina, O'Keefe re-opened his New Orleans office in 2006 after a brief resettlement period in Tennessee.[citation needed]


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