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Strawberry Prolog is a dialect of the Prolog programming language. Its syntax is very close to that of ISO-Prolog but it has many extensions which are not part of the standard. The main idea of Strawberry Prolog is to be very easy to use and that is why some universities use it for their Prolog courses.



Strawberry Prolog is produced by the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The first version was released in 1996. The leader of the Strawberry team is Dimiter Dobrev.

Some extensions

  • Global variables
  • Arrays
  • Definition of functions and Built-in predicates
  • Prolog CGI Scripts
  • OLE Automation - COM and ActiveX
  • Strawberry Prolog as OLE server
  • Databases through ODBC


The compiler can be downloaded from the Strawberry Prolog website. A restricted edition is available as freeware.

Sample programs

  • Chess.spj — Chess Playing Program. You can play against the computer. This program is included in the standard installation of Strawberry Prolog. You will find it in the folder Games.
  • — You will see an infinite fractals field in which you can move and even get lost. The goal is to find the target place in the field. This is a clever program which uses the pseudo-random numbers in order to generate infinite but constant fractals field where you can come back and to find there the same picture as before. This sample demonstrate the graphical power of Strawberry Prolog. You will find it in the folder Programs in the standard installation of the Light edition.


Strawberry Prolog has a unique debugger. You can watch the execution of your program in the Proof Tree window.

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