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The Stroke Network, Inc. is an online organization providing support and information to stroke survivors, caregivers, family members, and anyone whose life has been affected by stroke. It is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and since 1996 has provided online stroke support and information to over 250,000 visitors to the site. The Stroke Network is the homepage for a network of several other smaller Web sites owned by The Stroke Network, Inc.



Support services include blogs, daily scheduled chat sessions and a message board with over 30 forums relating to topics important to stroke survivors and stroke caregivers; and e-mail questions and answers with licensed therapists. Information resources include a monthly newsletter, a book shop with dozens of stroke related books, over 600 stroke based newsfeed articles, more than 100 links, numerous webcasts and a Stroke Caregiver Handbook that was written by experienced stroke caregivers from their organization. The network also provides stroke education by explaining the stroke warning signs, tests and diagnostic information, recommendations for stroke reduction, stroke statistics and a test to see what you know about stroke.


Membership is free of charge but requires registration for access to member resources.

History and staff

Online stroke support initially began in 1995 on AOL as informal chat sessions with stroke survivors. Stroke Network founder Steve Mallory, a stroke survivor, was a regular participant in the chat meetings and volunteered to create formal, scheduled stroke support chat sessions at AOL. Eventually Mallory developed a Web page format to provide a better resource to other stroke survivors looking for information about stroke and stroke recovery. Mallory served as webmaster and was joined by two or three staff members. Since May 1996, the site has evolved from just one Web page to the Stroke Network, and is managed by about 50 volunteer staff members.

The Web page was formerly called Stroke Support & Information and was located for several years at Mallory’s personal Web page with AOL. In January 2000, the Web site was renamed to The Stroke Network, with its current URL. It was incorporated in September 2001.


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