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File:Stylish logo.png
Developer(s) Jason Barnabe
Stable release 1.0 / May 17, 2008
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Mozilla extension
License GPL

Stylish is a free Mozilla extension that allows for the manipulation of web pages and XUL application user interfaces through the use of CSS[1]. The "userstyles", as they are called, are available locally or from centralized web-site [1], which allows style sharing. It is available for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Flock.


Technical details

The stylesheets made for Stylish are saved in a location, and then inserted when the page is visited. Typically, users would have to insert an !important after every rule declaration to override default styles on web pages.

The website of Stylish classifies user styles into three main categories:

Site styles

These are styles which can modify the layout of a certain website's pages[2].

App styles

These are styles which can modify the user interface of the web browser[3], in a similar fashion as the userChrome.css utility in Firefox and Mozilla-based browsers[4].

Global styles

These are styles which apply to all sites; this may include ad blocking or applying a universal background color[5].

Comparison to Greasemonkey

It is often compared to Greasemonkey, another Mozilla extension that allows for the client-side manipulation of web pages through userscripts, which is essentially dynamically inserted JavaScript. Furthermore, the style repository at allows you to add custom made stylesheets as Greasemonkey scripts. Many stylish scripts have the option of being added to greasemonkey.


Below are some examples of Stylish user styles being applied to web pages.

A user style applied to the English Wikipedia.
File:Google reader stylish.png
Comparison of Google Reader before (left) and after (right) a Stylish user style has been applied.
File:Google search stylish.png
An example of yet another Stylish userstyle applied on the Google Search Page.


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