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SwingVine Inc.
Type Corporation
Headquarters Seattle, WA, USA
Slogan New & Popular on the Web
Website www.swingvine.com
Alexa rank 457,146[1]
Type of site Social media
Current status Active

SwingVine is a website that displays popular, trending topics in a number of categories including music, movies, and technology.[2] The site aggregates news sources and other online mentions of topics in determining topic popularity.[3] Users can also follow each other on SwingVine to discover and share new topics socially.[4]

SwingVine provides structured data for the topics it displays, including descriptions, multimedia, online mentions of the topics, and other basic information.[5] The site allows users to directly edit this structured data through its moderation system.[6]

Facebook Integration

SwingVine integrated with Facebook Connect on September 7, 2009 so that Facebook users can sign in and contribute to the site without additional registration steps.


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