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TM Forum (in full: "TeleManagement Forum"), an international non-profit industry association, focuses on improving business effectiveness for service providers and their suppliers in the information industry, the communications industry and the entertainment industry. The Forum provides practical solutions, guidance and leadership to transform the way that people set up, deliver and charge for digital services. Members include the largest communications service-providers, cable operators, network operators, software suppliers, equipment suppliers and systems integrators. The Forum has over 700 member companies in 75 countries.

TM Forum provides a wide range of information and support to help its members reduce the costs and risks associated with creating and delivering profitable services. These include industry research and benchmarks, technology roadmaps, best-practice guidebooks, software standards and interfaces[citation needed], as well as certified training, conferences and publications. The Forum also provides its member community with extensive marketing and networking opportunities, enabling business with new customers and partners.

TM Forum was founded in 1988 by BT and AT&T. The Forum brings together members to collaboratively solve systems and operational management issues. TM Forum's Solution Frameworks (NGOSS), which comprise widely-adopted technology frameworks such as the Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID) and Applications Framework (Telecom Application Map or TAM) have all become de-facto standards for the communications industry.[citation needed]

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