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Tagoo Beta
File:Tagoo logo big.png
URL www.tagoo.ru
Slogan It's as easy to use as iTunes, minus the credit card.
Commercial? yes
Type of site Search Engine
Registration optional
Available language(s) Russian, English, German
Owner Tagoo
Launched December 25, 2007[1]
Current status active

Tagoo - Russian media search engine, created by Russian company - Tagoo. Designed by Sergey Smagin (Russian=Сергей Смагин) and Ruslan Murashko (Russian=Руслан Мурашко).



Tagoo offers English, German and Russian interfaces. It allows you to search for music and video files through the Internet for free. Tagoo does not host any of found files, it only provides user with direct links to media files which are hosted on other servers, not connected with Tagoo.

Since March 13, 2008 Tagoo started to promote newly created artists by publishing their tracks on their site. Every user can evaluate artist or even advise something.

On April 16 Tagoo launched[2] Tagoo Self Search (TSS). Tagoo Self Search is a partner's search system that allows anybody to install mp3 search engine, povered by Tagoo, on his/her site/blog/forum.

On April 21 Tagoo launched new feature, which offers users to create their own playlists on Tagoo site. On May 22 Tagoo created [3] its own widget - TagooMoody. It is flash player that plays songs from Tagoo's “what is your mood today?” module. Any user is able to listen to music according to his/her mood by means of TagooMoody and install it on his/her site/blog/forum.

On February 17 Tagoo launched software search.


According to Alexa 50.7% of Tagoo users come from Russia, 12.5% from Ukraine, 5.5% from the United States,4.7% from Kazakhstan and 4.2% from Germany


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